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pura resort
Travel to quiet destinations amidst nature.
Discover rejuvenating weekend getaways.
Have a quick invigorating break to know the unknown.
Explore idyllic places for hobbies like photography, reading and similar things.
Choose from a unique collection of holiday homes, resorts, lodges and others.
Get a stay with homelike living corners.
Clean, spacious and well-designed rooms.
Crisp and clean linen with quality room and bath amenities.
Fresh and delicious food to add flavour to your holiday stay.
A complimentary wholesome breakfast to kick-start your day.
Savour all day snacks during an outdoor recreation or have a celebration dinner.
Treat your palette to the local cuisine during a village tour.
Uncover an experience that inspires.
Thrive on adventure activities like paragliding, rappelling etc.
Explore serene surroundings through walks and treks.
Partake in vivid and exciting local activities.


We travel for life and this world has a lot in store. Discover some rejuvenating holiday destinations with Pura Stays and have a quick leisure break to know the unknown.

At Pura Stays we seek destinations that inspire us, places that resemble reveries and places that quench your wanderlust. Holiday destinations close to nature never get old because travellers keep visiting these places for rejuvenation and restoration.

Follow trails without a map and explore the very heart of nature while you stay in thoughtfully designed living spaces like holiday cottages and resorts, inspired from the natural beauty around you. Climbing a mountain, crossing a river, walking in the forest or just standing by the lake near a resort, are some of the activities which you will admire. You'll find serenity and beauty.


Our exclusive collection of holiday homes, resorts, lodges and the like are uniqueness personified. Each stay has been picked in a way that will immediately make you fall head over heels for its unusual charm.

When we travel, stay is one of the most important things that comes to our mind. Travel's paradigm of the ideal stay makes way for many options. Options like holiday home, nature resort provide immense peace and home like feel. Pura Stays' collection of holiday stays promises an exceptional experience to all.

Homelike living corners have been upheld for you in addition to clean, spacious and well-designed rooms. Crisp and clean linen with quality room and bath amenities further, make sure that you have a comfortable stay at the holiday home.

Hold on to the stunning views of the landscape around you from the private sit outs of the resort or wake up to them from the comfort of your bed.


There are many fascinating places and dwellings in India. Explore various spaces of a holiday stay and its surroundings which possess a soothing aura for myriad travellers.

Interiors of our "collection" are thoughtful and elegantly crafted where you relish something as simple as a warm cup of tea while watching the sun set behind the mountains at a beautiful holiday destination. Whereas, surroundings are lush and peaceful. Boutique decor, contemporary design, antiques, colonial architecture are some of the key highpoints of our holiday stays.

Holiday homes, cottages, villas, in short all the properties have been upgraded by us with a mouth-watering menu to tickle your taste buds Fresh home cooked food is offered to add flavour to your holiday and a complimentary hearty breakfast helps to kick-start your day.

For special occasions at the destination, indulge in a celebration dinner as you gather around a bonfire in winter. Entire stay will refresh your senses, so explore as much as possible.


Uncover an experience that inspires you to travel. Through Pura Stays doorway, thrive on adventure activities like paragliding, trekking, rock climbing, angling, and kayaking for that instant adrenaline rush.

Explorers rarely get adventure opportunities close to their stay. They spend hours to reach a particular destination to enjoy an activity. Pura Stays wants to curb this. The holiday stays are quite close to the destinations where people enjoy kayaking, paragliding and other thrilling activities.

Be with serene surroundings through walks and treks and connect with nature like never before. When you partake in vivid local activities and get to interact with locals, you strengthen your bond with people and terrain both.

Village tour is a bliss for ardent travellers for they get to experience quaint village life. Adventure and local activities have been wisely picked for you because an experience driven holiday matters. Follow the calling of your travel quest with Pura Stays, as you discover places full of hidden wonders.