Pura Rollout

Pura Stays Rollout

Structured in 2016, Pura Stays started making a collection of holiday stays to offer travel mood based holiday experience to the discerning travellers. The handpicked collection of holiday stays represents thoughtfully designed living spaces like boutique resorts, holiday homes and villas. With a design oriented solution implemented to offer quality and standardized accommodation at handpicked locations, Pura Stays provides central management system to the collection.

Pura Stays is here for passionate travellers who want to explore, connect and revive in their own style, who look forward to make their own travel itinerary from discovering quick getaways with quality holiday accommodation to experiencing local activities around or at the holiday home and tempting food at the holiday home. Forced package? No, you won’t find that here on this website. Pick and pay for what you actually want on a holiday or a getaway and see the difference.

Pura Stays doorway is ideal for small holiday accommodation owners having 5 – 25 room inventory as it enables them to get desired returns from the asset. With innovative product packaging and strong promotion, we make online distribution feasible for the selected holiday stays. Moreover, our product standardization and simple operating concept ensures better cash flows with lower cost of operations.

After months of research, analysis and testing, Pura Stays has curated local experiences as per identified travel moods and has programmed them with the handpicked selection of holiday stays. Because, getaways these days are not just about resort rooms or staying at one place.

Furthermore, with the help of Pura Stays’ Team, enriched menu to savour, got introduced at each holiday stay which accompanies the patrons at every step of their getaway. From breakfast to All Day Snacks Menu, from Celebration dinner to refreshment pack, food follows everywhere.

The aim of Pura Stays is to grow tremendously across India with thoughtful tie-ups in order to render a wholesome holidays or getaways to fervent globe trotters. An experience led holiday matters and will always be our priority.