Vaibhav Jain


Lalit Kumar

Kayaking was simply awesome!

"My first kayaking experience will last forever. Hidden shores, beautiful land, alluring holiday home, mighty mountains, all came together to make my holiday memorable. Reaching the spot for kayaking, having kayaking for good thirty minutes, relishing my refreshment pack and coming back to the nature resort, every bit was exhilarating. The Camphor Tree - Pura Stays was my type of resort in Naukuchiatal"

I was always fascinated with the scenic beauty of Nainital situated in Uttarakhand. Various wide and long elongated mystic lakes, lush greenery, awesome food and vibrant mountain area persuade me to travel to this place again and again. However, my last trip to Nainital, which is approximately 305 km from Delhi, was somewhat different from the earlier one. Many resorts near Delhi are almost same and I had to go for adventure travel. The only reason was adventurous Kayaking experience that I enjoyed for the first time. Earlier, I had an amazing experience of paddle boat ride or engine boat ride in the lake, but last time was somewhat different or I can say quite thrilling and exhilarating. One of my pals suggested The Camphor Tree - Pura Stays for the stay, as I wanted peace and good food both.

Kayaking is an adventurous water sport that features a small size boat carrying maximum of two people and also available in single seater pattern. This small size boat is propelled by double bladed paddle either by single paddler or driven by two people in the same boat. The boat lies low in the water and can be driven far and wide to explore the natural beauty of water streams, offshore islands and other magnificent shores. Why am I explaining vividly? Well, a lot of my friends don't know much about it.

I always wanted to explore holiday destinations with the hidden shores of water body but with mere paddle boating it was not possible. So, I decided to go on my own wondering the water body of Naukuchiatal. So, I finally reached the spot of the kayaking near the lake and approached one of the instructors over there. The guy looked quite experienced and started explaining me the risk of doing kayaking alone as I was little amateur and never dropped in the vast water body on my own. So, that was a helpful advice from that instructor to do kayaking in a double seated boat.

So, finally I hopped into that small size where I had to keep my feet straight and instructor was in front seat. I was advised to equally pull the paddle hard on both sides so as to enhance the speed of the boat and double the pressure at time of any wave or increasing speed of the water body. It was obviously quite tiring to move that paddle in hands for continuous half n hour but still I enjoyed every bit of it looking at magnificent water streams, beautiful land, eye-appealing marine life which was so close to me that I even touched it with my bare hands. Adventure travel should be exactly like this.

After fun-filled thirty minutes, we came back to the shore from where we started paddling. Believe me, it was a marvellous weekend getaway near Delhi and worth taking experience of my life. All thanks to my instructor who was so helpful and motivating during the course of my experience at beautiful hill station near Delhi.