Nadeem Akram


Tarun Arya

Celebration Dinner at The Hammock

For a weekend escape, this is a must visit holiday stay in Bhimtal, where family, friends and couples can really get along well over celebration dinner. I strongly recommend this property for those who seek peace, good food and spacious room along with indoor games/books.

We booked our stay for a day in Bhimtal, at The Hammock. Actually, we all love mountains and less frequented places. We heard about Pura Stays' collection and found some holiday stays at serene locations. And these holiday stays come with selection of experiences. We five wanted to unwind amidst nature and have some delicious food. Our entire week anyway, except Sundays keep us busy and we keep running from one place to another. We finally decided to have a quiet celebration dinner at the property which happens to be at one of the best corners.

The Hammock, Pura Stays embraced us around 12.30 pm. With lush lawns, this peaceful property is unique. There were clouds around and I laid my eyes on them. After having tea, we went to our villa. Charming interior exuded warmth. I fell for this serene cottage-like space. I also felt that typical fragrant breeze of the mountains and closed my eyes.

Around 8.30 in the night, when it started getting cold, I called my friends for dinner. Usually, you get to savour at the restaurant but here, the setting was peaceful, under the star-studded sky. There was Chicken Tikka, Lemon & Chicken Coriander Soup and Kadai Paneer with rice, all kept alluringly on the table. We started with Chicken Tikka. It was delicious. Kadai Paneer and rice were good too, with balanced spices. Brownie with ice cream was cherry on the cake. Our dinner was fresh and wholesome. We recalled some childhood moments and laughed a lot.

The person at service was quite friendly and he also joined us. I asked one of my friends to bring cards. We all played for an hour and stood up for a walk in lush lawns. These are the places where you actually connect with your loved ones and forget daily chores. At the same time, we recognize why it is so important to travel with family and friends whenever feasible.

Around 12 pm suddenly, it started raining. I immediately asked the gang to get up and sit outside. We all gazed at the rain and surroundings. Honestly, this kind of experience is rare these days and this kind of serenity a lot of people look forward to. I called my father and told him about the place, service and dinner. He was glad and asked me to book his trip too. We could not spare time for adventure activities arranged nearby but our plan is to engage in one next time for sure.