Priyesh Kumar


Hemchand Arya

Rappelling was fun!

"My dream was driven by some action movies until I pulled off rappelling near Frozen Woods - Pura Stays. I am no super hero, hence I was too scared initially. I was conscious too. But, my instructor and people around made me confident and I had an amazing travel experience. Thanks to everyone. I am looking forward to visit the same place very soon. This hill station near Delhi changed things inside me"

I am a big action movie fan and have seen numerous action packed movies be it Hollywood or Bollywood, the exciting chase sequence, escapade through mountains, deserts or forest and several realistic sequences excite me a lot. My fascination with action and real life incidents took me to thrilling rappelling activity on a weekend getaway in the company of my two other friends who are equally crazy like me.

It was Pura Stays' ad which persuaded me to take this experience. I started from Delhi for two days, with one of my friends specially to try rappelling. Mukteshwar is approximately 350 km from Delhi and this awesome resort in Mukteshwar made my break even better.

For those who do not know what rappelling is, I should tell you then. Rappelling is an outdoor activity in which you are tied to a harness and a cable and you have to go down a steep slope by putting your feet on rocks. It is a sport on rock formation, where you will be experiencing the life of a soldier coming down from a cliff in a life threatening situation.

I and my friends reached the rappelling spot as there were a lot of other people waiting for their turn. We could see people on the cliff trying to come down slowly by putting their feet on rocks and at the same time holding the ropes tight. I can still recall the sight of one of the guys missing the foot on rock and suddenly was seen hanging in air. I had almost lost my heartbeat once. I imagined myself hanging in the air like that guy. Hey, I didn't utter a word otherwise my friends would have made fun of me saying that I am scared of heights. Weekend getaway would have been funnier. Hey hey..

Now, next was our turn and one of the instructors called three of us together to follow the instructions and get ready to put safety gear on. During the session when instructor was telling us how to come down from the cliff by putting pressure on feet, I was still in thought of that guy hanging in the middle of air. But suddenly instructor called us to get ready on the position and whenever he would say ready, we were supposed to start going down. Entire travel experience was changing.

Among three of us I was the one who was little heavy than the other two that of course made me a thing of joke in front of a few people around there. They must be thinking I could not get the job done due to my heavy weight. However, it was the friendly advice of our instructor that I easily pulled it off and was the first one among the three to get down at the cliff safe and sound.

Frozen Woods - Pura Stays, was actually a stunning holiday home and our experience was just too good. We all loved eating and loved looking at the beautiful mountains.