Meenakshi Sachdeva


Wilderness walk + Perfect Stay!

"I booked my stay in Bhimtal, near Nainital with my childhood pal and it was kicking. Resorts in Uttarakhand are nice but this was something else. For a weekend getaway, our trip was enriching for we went out for a walk in the woods. We came back with an exceptional travel experience. Cool breeze, chirping birds, tall trees all made my wilderness exploration remarkable. Road trip to Uttarakhand was worth it."

When & Why?

Month- April, Year - 2016. I was so tired of my office routine that I had started dozing at my work desk. It was my urge to travel. Mountains, water, bloody swimming pool, any damn thing, different from office work, could have worked at that moment. To my surprise, one of my friends, like an angel, texted me one day and asked about my well-being. I, out of frustration, told him about my state and he instantly suggested a place where I could restore myself. That place was Bhimtal in Uttarakhand which is approximately 305 km from Delhi. And it was a coincidence I called my childhood friend immediately. She was in Chandigarh and had her own hectic schedule. Her whatsapp message around that time was a clear indication that she wants to escape the boring routine too, just like me. Nobody likes to be stuck at one place for months.

It started this way

Next day, I took some of my favourite things like shades, sports shoes, black T-shirt, camera and last but not the least, my I-pod for road trip to mountains. I am a huge music fan, so cannot do without music. My car was not clean but I simply ignored. I mean who would like to take out 2-3 hours to clean the car properly when an adventure trip awaits you? All geared up, I started my road trip from New Delhi on Saturday morning around 5 am, with style. I was lucky to witness the beautiful sunrise on the way. Breakfast was at one of the dhabas where I filled my tummy with my most loved aloo parantha, aam ka achaar and dahi followed by fruit juice. I picked my friend quickly from her place. I received a tight hug. It was obvious. We both enjoyed our road trip to Bhimtal, for this travel experience was coming to us after a decade almost.

The Hammock Bhimtal - Pura Stays

With lush landscape, The Hammock Bhimtal looked so serene. We entered and felt complete peace. There were few guests who were roaming in the premises and we found them happy. They were having their own light and cheerful discussion. The room was too good for any weekend getaway. It had small sky window, which we were not expecting at all. My friend was awestruck herself. That's it. We said to ourselves, dude we wanted exactly this. Our travel experience was becoming far more exciting than we had actually imagined. We were totally charged up for the next day and had already fallen in love with Uttarakhand's beauty.

The Wilderness Walk

Next day, we were taken out for Wilderness Tour. I was reluctant initially. Thought, I would just sit by the window and listen to light music but the guide motivated me and my friend to take the tour. I was walking on a trail in the woods, wondering how beautiful the place is. I spotted some cute looking birds like myna, colourful barbets and warblers too. My friend was ignoring me here. This time I didn't mind it at all. I kept quiet and walked further. The guide kept telling me about some less known facts like a storyteller. Sky was clear, breeze was cool, breathing was so light and birds were chirping some melody. Guess, it was their very own folk song. Who knows? We both kept walking for good fifteen twenty minutes. I was not tired at all and gazed at trees around. Leaves were bright and had pearl like dewdrops. It was a peaceful, satisfying and wonderful wilderness escape.

Third Day

We both decided to stay indoors as it was cloudy. No no, we aren't scared of rains. Not at all. We just wanted to sit next to each other and talk with nice cup of tea and snacks like Veg. Pakora and Bread Pizza Bites. The lush area of this amazing nature resort was a treat to our senses that time. We explored the entire resort and didn't notice the approaching dusk. Dinner was delicious. We had ordered Dal, chapatti with some rice and lip smacking chicken. Then, we played antakshari for good thirty minutes. A few Bollywood numbers, we found so funny. We did recall our school days. Fights, playground, classroom, teachers, like everything. We both were nostalgic. All holiday destinations are not same. We travel to places because we want to know what we are made of and how different or same we are as individuals. Isn't it?

What we feel

The Hammock Bhimtal - Pura Stays is a beautiful holiday stay where we both stayed for 3 days. It starts getting hot in Delhi NCR around April month, but here it was pleasant. At this nature resort, I realized one thing, no matter where we work, what we do, it is very important for anyone to connect with nature and most importantly with self. Holiday enters someone's life as a big relief. Not saying that you have to go to a place which is too far, luxurious or very expensive. We just need a place where we can just be ourselves, can relax and talk to each other or self. This hill station near Delhi called Bhimtal turned wonderful for both of us. Hope we travel again some time soon.