Pura Stays Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Travel Smart with Checklist

  • Carry your Govt. Identity proof
  • Make reservations well in advance for travel experiences
  • In case you are on road trip, don’t forget to carry your driving license
  • Download any app which you might want to use on the road trip such as maps or translators
  • Consider your medical needs on adventure travel
  • Don’t keep all your money/credit cards in the wallet while travelling
  • Carry a hard copy map of the city you are heading to
  • Take your camera and binoculars for a fantastic holiday

Have Rewarding Travel Experiences

  • There will be problems during travel experiences, tackle them with zeal
  • Nip your pre- road trip anxiety in the bud
  • Ask questions on holiday
  • Be an extrovert
  • Look out for chances to make meaningful contact with locals during travel experiences
  • Check if the drinking water is safe on your getaway
  • Be aware of altitude sickness. Eat light on a road trip
  • Be respectful
  • Avoid earphones while talking to someone on a holiday
  • Keep the surroundings clean. Try to find a dustbin

Getaway Tips for Solo Travellers

  • Say 'No' and 'Thank you' wherever need be on your getaway
  • Don’t act like an outsider while having travel experiences
  • Keep your mobile phone charged and stay in touch with any of your trustworthy friends
  • Keep interacting with other travellers and locals
  • Try a self-service café or a small ethnic eatery for a different travel experience
  • Learn a few phrases of the local language for adventurous holiday. It's fun.
  • Talking to someone in the family, before going to sleep, is a bliss
  • Keep basic toiletries in your carry-on for a hassle free holiday

Extra Tips for Solo Women Travellers

  • Carry a map, a guidebook, and enough cash with confidence for nice travel experiences
  • If you get lost, seek out another woman or a family, or go into a store or restaurant to ask directions
  • Be proactive about public transportation on holiday
  • Learn how to pack light, carry essentials for a smooth getaway
  • Learn basic first aid for road trip or travel experiences
  • Carry walking shoes and a pair of loose T-shirts

Holiday Tips for Business Travellers

  • Don’t carry more than two bags for holiday
  • No need to skip an important meeting, take conference call on mobile
  • Go for a long walk or indulge in any adventure activity
  • Avoid e-mails and other routine tasks on getaway
  • Interact with locals on holiday
  • Avoid long distance driving if you are on a short road trip

Savvy Senior Travellers

  • Carry an extra pair of eyeglasses for problem free holiday
  • Take your medicines and other healthcare equipment on getaway
  • Carry a small notebook for jotting down facts and reminders
  • Request a ground floor room if stairs are a problem at the resort or hotel
  • Two travel bags are sufficient for holiday
  • Take a cab tour for a painless overview of the city
  • Try wilderness walk or celebration dinner during your getaway

Tips for Travelling with Kids

  • Let your child know about the place you are visiting
  • Carry his or her favourite book on holiday
  • Make your child aware of a good and a bad touch
  • During your getaway. talk about local culture, people, food and the like. Your child will enjoy and learn a lot
  • Allow your child to explore places. It is not difficult
  • Try some cool indoor games at the resort

Holiday Tips for Differently Abled

  • Plan your route carefully on a holiday
  • Make sure all the parts of town are easily accessible from the resort
  • Have a backup plan for all travel experiences
  • Hire a guide on your getaway
  • Do not worry and always ask your neighbour or resort staff for any help
Wander there, stay there, taste myriad flavours, experience bliss!